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Hey there! Welcome to Mars’ Hill. We are your source for all things Trinity Western. We are a student-run team of individuals striving to represent truth in whatever form that may look like.


Mars’ Hill is unlike any other university newspaper in Canada simply by the fact that our school, Trinity Western University, is a Christian liberal arts university. So, while on one hand we are a journalistic entity, our other hand speaks to the heartbeat of our campus: sharing the word and love of Jesus Christ.


Regardless of who you are and where you come from, we are glad you are here. Have a look around, read an article or two, post some feedback and Meet the Team.




  1. How often do you publish?

– We publish every two weeks starting on September 20th, 2017. We have 6 issues in the first semester and 5 in the second (starting on January 24th, 2018).


  1. What is inMars’ Hill?

– MH is made up of 5 sections – News, Academy, Arts & Culture, Sports & Humour – and in the middle of each issue is a feature article written based upon a theme. Each issue has a theme that reflects either current events, campus ideas or are simply random themes suggested by our editors.


Unique to MH are the Declassifieds on page 3 of every issue. This is where you can send in anonymous comments about…well…pretty much anything! Also special to MH is the last page of each issue which plays host to the Himnal/Shevangelist. You’ll just have to get a copy of the paper to see what that’s all about.


  1. Can I get involved?

– Yes.


The answer is always yes. We want YOU to write for us. Come by our office (Douglas Centre next to the Lower Caf) and odds are that someone on our masthead will be there! We would love to chat with you (probably over a cup of tea). No experience required.


If you’re super keen, come to our Create Meetings every Monday afternoon at 5:15 pm (in the office). This is when we meet as a team of editors, pitch ideas, storyboard our issue and work together to build the dream! Or, if you’re a die-hard, drop in on our production weekends. They are held every Friday through Sunday before the paper is released.


  1. But, I’m scared to write. What if people don’t like my writing?

– That’s okay. We still want you to write for us. This is why we have section editors.


For example, you want to write for the Academy section but don’t know what you want to say, how to write it or what images would go with it. This is where Niki Mara, our Academy Editor, comes in. She will:

– send out themes for each issue

– help edit your work

– pitch titles, visuals and graphics for our visual team


  1. When was Mars’ Hill started?

– Good question. 1996. We are in the 22nd volume (2017-2018).


If you want to know more about the Hill History, check out this article from the 2016-2017 team:


  1. What kind of organizations are you a part of?

– We have been part of the Associated Collegiate Press for the past several years and recently joined the Canadian University Press (Fall 2017).


  1. What if I have a complaint?

– Send us an email at


  1. How do you function?

– We are an entity under the Trinity Western University Student Association (TWUSA). While we are not a fully independent paper, we still make decisions as if we were!


Also unique to TWU, our masthead receives student grants generated each year from student fees (through TWUSA). Instead of receiving per/article payment or an hourly wage, the masthead receives experiential student learning grants, in the range of $1000 to $4000 per year depending on position.


  1. How do I become an editor?/I want to be on the masthead.

– Mars’ Hill hires a new masthead for each year. Applications fall under the “Student Leadership” category and begin in January. Interviews are conducted between February and April and the team is selected before the end of the school year (end of April). Talk to the current editor holding the position you are looking into – they will have a lot to say and give you interview tips/advice on how to grow and improve the section.


  1. I have an ad I want in the paper. What do I do?

– Send our Ad & Finance Manager (Ryan Schaffrick) a message. He would love to talk with you! Or, head to our Ads page to find out more info.


Katie Maryschuck, Editor-In-Cheif –

Alex Gust, Managing Editor –

Tori Ahrendt, Visual Editor –

Brooke Pattyn, Layout Editor –

Chrisaleen Ciro, News Editor –

Niki Mara, Academy Editor –

Joel Redekop, Arts and Culture Editor –

Jamison Derkson, Sports Editor –

Sabine Henderson, Humour Editor –

Hannah Devries, Cheif Copy Editor –

Madison Powers, Photo Editor –

Maya Jusman, Illustration Editor –

Bailey Martens, Web Editor – 

Emilio Rodriguez, Media Manager –

Ryan Schaffrick, Advertising and Finance Manager –


Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns below.