Emerging TWU artists invite you to the 2018 debut of “Fight or Flight,” “Mr. Big,” and “Hugo’s Haunting.”

“So Reece,” I turn towards my new friend, “Theatre major?”

Reece Doppenberg grins as we prep to run the next scene: “Pre-med.”

I nod in understanding. Nothing is as it seems here in Freedom Hall – the room is bustling with directors, stage managers, playwrights and actors. Each are eagerly awaiting the end of the month to debut their carefully crafted masterpieces in this year’s highly anticipated New Generations.

New Generations is a dramatic festival that celebrates TWU’s variety of emerging artists, by featuring a series of three short plays. Each piece is student written, student directed, and student produced. The festival casts a call to all students – from the nooks in Strombeck, to the crannies in Northwest – to come and participate in the production of this year’s fun.

Performances explore the hilarious and profound, as the creators tackle colossal topics such as love and fear, judicial ethics in Canada, and Spanish elephant piracy (you heard me correctly). Each topic is matched with effective wit, mystery, and action that will leave you wishing there was more.

In “Fight or Flight,” Blaire and Adam choose whether to fight or flee from impending trials as they wait in an empty airport terminal on a shared layover. Adam is headed to serve in Afghanistan, and Blaire to explore Europe. Months later, they meet again, and fate forces them to face their fears. The play is written by Joelle Wyminga and directed by Cheyanne Makelki.

The show “Mr. Big” follows Leon and his friend Frankie, in Leon’s fight for freedom from an unjust sentence when he finds his employer’s body in a dumpster. Money is tight for ill-fated Leon, when he is offered a job by mob boss Mr. Big. The collision of truth and justice spurs surprise and food for thought. The play is written by Emmett Hanly and directed by Corben Dunn.

“Hugo’s Haunting” is a hysterical piece that follows the tortured nightmares of a boy convinced there is an elephant out to kill him. Hugo’s dreams begin to fade into reality, and he is forced to face the pachyderm’s punch in front of the woman he loves. Does he have what it takes? It’s written by Trevor McMahan, and directed by Mikayla Wust.

Come kick off 2018 with us by celebrating TWU’s new generation of bright young artists who eagerly await sharing this season’s hard work and joy!

New Generations takes stage January 30th – February 3rd. www.twu.ca/theatre  #newgentwu