On Tuesday, November 14, at 7PM, TWU’s Dead Sea Scrolls Institute will be launching a memorial volume of essays dedicated to Professor Peter Flint, who passed away suddenly last fall. Many of the essays are written by former students and colleagues of Professor Flint. The reach of his influence is exhibited not only by the many different people who have been involved in his memorial project, but also by his reputation as a dedicated and nurturing professor at TWU. The volume, edited by Dr. Andrew Perrin, Dr. Kyung Baek, and Dr. Daniel Falk, will be presented alongside a keynote lecture by Dr. Daniel Falk entitled: Why Repent? The Scriptural Motivation for Penitential Prayer in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

While the Dead Sea Scrolls can seem an enigmatic subject for many, Professor Peter Flint specialized in presenting their importance and significance to the public, teaching undergraduate classes throughout his time at TWU. He is known for his willingness to take his research around the world, even presenting on cruise ships. It has been a year since Professor Flint passed, and the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute is pleased to invite anyone who would like to join them in celebrating his life and legacy this Tuesday in the Northwest Auditorium.

More information on the event can be found here.