When I stepped onto Trinity campus I entered a whole new world. Higher learning, living on my own, new friendships, opportunities galore, but most importantly, UNIVERSITY BOYS. This was the opportunity to find my husband. My mom and I drove up to Douglas and all these attractive boys helped me with my bags and talked to me, so, obviously, I already knew I had at least five options.

I went to Chapel for the first time and the guy at the front told all of us that Chapel was where his friend met his wife. He said, “Look to the left and the right, you could be sitting next to your future husband or wife.” BAM! At least two more options in Chapel alone. I went to my first business class and the professor told us that several of his students met their future spouses in his class. Then in my next class, the professor said the same thing, and in the next class too. Even my SOS leader said he had a friend who met his girlfriend in Foundations 101.

Then I realized the ultimate truth: my future husband could be meeting me at any moment. He could be just around the corner. Or eating across from me in the Caf. Maybe the hair flip I just did will be the moment that my future husband will say he first saw me. Walking to class could be the moment, dancing in Douglas lounge could be the moment, each TWUSA event was potentially the first moment of the rest of my life. Every second was now filled with anticipation of it potentially being the story of how we met.

This realization changed my life. I now knew that I had to look perfect and be cool during every single second of the day because at any second I could meet my true love. And whenever that happened, I would definitely be ready.


So I’ve been at Trinity a month now and everything is going well—almost. I like my classes and everything; some of the girls are nice but I’m shocked I haven’t found my husband yet. I mean, yes, guys have seemed interested in me, but none of them have done anything about it. One guy keeps holding the door open for me so I know he’s interested but he hasn’t said anything more than “hello” a couple times.

I’m confused. When I got here, it seemed so clear that Trinity’s main purpose was for me to find a husband. All the comments on finding a spouse, the speed-dating, the dorm dates, “ring by spring,” and everyone asking me who my heart-sparkle is? It’s obvious that marriage is THE thing with which you’re supposed to come out of your time at Trinity.

And I’ve been dedicated to that! My hair has been curled every day. My make-up? Perfect contour. My clothes? Could have been professionally styled. Yet, still nothing! I thought I would have to at least turn a couple guys down by now, but nope!

I guess it’s fine, though. I mean, it’s only been a month. Who wants to date in September of first year? I just have to wait it out. October is the month for romance. I’ll have a couples’ costume to Robson Underground, just you wait.

– all first year girls.