Mary is one of the many students of Trinity who is glad to see the major revamping of the now
buffet-style cafeteria. While in the past years students paid per food item, nowadays they pay per
entry. “Having the chance to donate so much money to Sodexo at times when I’m not very
hungry and just want a sandwich is so great. It makes me feel like a more generous person,”
Mary reports. Besides this, the lightest meal plan only costs $600 more than last year—a price
that everyone is fine with paying. “I have a $7,000 student loan taken out anyways, so what
difference does a few extra hundred make?” she comments.

The new price and form of the Trinity cafeteria has also been christened with the name ‘All You Care to Eat.’ We asked Mary
about her opinion on this, and she replied, stating: “I really love the Christian character of the
name; it sounds so much less sinfully gluttonous than the ‘All You Can Eat’ cafeterias at heathen
schools.” Not only is the cafeteria encouraging in its new terminology, it also aids students in
staying healthy. “Yes, there is an ice cream machine, but it’s nothing to worry about—it’s more
ice than it is cream! Honestly, it’s so considerate.” Overall, it seems this new cafeteria style
really has proven to be encouraging Christ-like behavior and healthy habits. Bon Appetit!