As the semester kicks into gear, TWUSA is working diligently to create events for
freshmen and returning students alike. One of the most historic and legendary events that TWU
has to offer is the annual Banana Challenge. There is something beautiful about the culture of
dorms at Trinity Western where people buy into a concept, even when it’s drastically outside
their comfort zone. There is no other place in the world you will find young adults racing
frantically in the rain, holding a mushy banana, sliding through flour and dodging the occasional
goose droppings. Yet, this event has a rich history, and the goopy materials used in this year’s
challenge are much kinder than the materials used in the ‘80s and ‘90s.
The September 1988 edition of the student newspaper, back then known as The TODAY,
published an article about the Banana Challenge. This dates back 29 years. See if you can spot
any differences between the Banana Challenge then and the one we know today.

The swamp run was scratched. That is all. The swamp. I can’t even imagine going into the
swamp on my own, let alone having a dorm rely on me to enter it. From a small, casual, excerpt
from this version of the student newspaper, I am beyond relieved that my times in dorms didn’t
consist of these intense (and might I had disturbing) events.

Although it wasn’t a sunny Saturday this year at Trinity Western’s Banana Challenge, I consider
everyone winners knowing we were saved from the depths of the Trinity Western swamp and the
commute from Fraser to the old gym on a tricycle.
If the Banana Challenge has drastically changed over the years, I would imagine that Fort Week
has also had some drastic changes. Fort Week, for those of you who don’t know, is another
historic campus event. Dorms compete against one another in various mental and physical
competitions commencing on Sunday evening and finishing with a large finale event on
Wednesday night. I strongly feel that the things that happen during Fort Week are only found in
the mental storage units of those who have survived the grueling time that Fort Week can be.
The nature of these events take different turns throughout the course of time and deviate into
themes of their own, but, at the end of the day, these events are what makes the TWU student
experience unique and allows students to share memories that will last a lifetime with their peers.
The immense amount of work the Community Facilitators, Resident Directors, Resident
Assistant’s and TWUSA put on for Fort Week and Banana Challenge respectively is immense.
What people do on this campus to stage extravagant events really does create a community
second to none.
Personally, I hope in the future to use a Fort Week or Banana Challenge experience in a job
interview. I hope my interviewer asks me, “What is the craziest thing you did at Trinity?” And I
can answer him or her with a funny story, with just the right amount of edge so that the
interviewer might think: “Woah, this kid is funny and has just the right amount of edge.” I’ll let
you know if that ever happens.

Here is a video from this year’s banana challenge from Trinity Western’s Strategic Engagement