We’ll be honest with you – we had a roaring article on the new Las Vegas Golden Knights ready
to go in the place of this article. When we woke up on Monday morning, we thought perhaps it
would be insensitive to run with an article about the city with the mass shooting that happened
on the strip just hours before.

Sport is a channel through which people can bond together and be united in cheering for the
same side. During this difficult time, the Las Vegas Golden Knights can be a rallying point for
the city.

The sports community around the world is standing in solidarity for lives lost in Nevada. The
assistant coach of the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus was present at the concert where
the shooting happened – he was amongst the injured with a bruised lung. The Golden Knights
themselves were quick to tweet our support and condolences towards their city:

Players themselves spoke out on Twitter about it as well:

In 2001, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 crippled not only New York but much of the United
States as well, the Major League Baseball season halted for almost a week. Upon the return of
league play, the New York Mets played a home game in what was the first distraction that New
York City had since the horrific event. The team wore special hats commemorating the heroic
acts of the emergency responders on that tragic day. When a New York player hit, what would
turn out to be the winning home run, the crowd chanted “USA! USA! USA!” and it was a
heartwarming moment to say the least.
On Monday morning, the Golden Knights issued a statement of support for their city:
“All Vegas Golden Knights players and Vegas Golden Knights staff are accounted for
and safe. However, we know that this is not the case for many other organizations in our
city. Our hearts are with those affected and we will be doing what we can to support the
victims, their families and those grieving.”
The team has cancelled their Inaugural Fan Fest that was scheduled to run on October 3. Players
will also be lending their time and support throughout the community starting on Tuesday. In
addition, the Golden Knight’s Foundation will be giving money towards relief. They also plan to
implement extended player contributions throughout the city. Their next game against the Dallas
Stars goes unaffected as the game will be held in Texas. The Golden Knights do not play a home
game until October 10 against Arizona which will continue as scheduled.